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(Yes, this works for the common app, too.)

You Don’t Know How To Write Your Admission Essay

You are applying to prep, college, or graduate school. You have the prompt. What’s next?

It’s uncomfortable to talk about yourself. You want to sound impressive but not like you’re bragging.

Perhaps you’re getting different advice on what it should be like. Are there essential pieces that need to go into your essay? You’ve never learned how to write an admission essay before.

What you really need is a memorable statement that stands out from the competition. A statement that you are confident will help you get in.

But so far, writing the essay is stressful. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle that’s missing pieces. You don’t know what the pieces are, where to put them, or if you’re putting pieces together correctly.

Don’t Write A Bad Essay!

Applying with a bad essay will make admission people believe you lack the ability to reflect on your experiences. The school seeks and accepts dynamic humans, not just a GPA and test scores.

Writing coaching can make writing your essay easy.

  • Stop wasting tons of time, energy, and anxiety trying to figure it out alone
  • Stop feeling unsure of what to write about or how to include everything you need
  • Stop feeling scared your essay doesn’t make sense or your themes don’t come together
  • Stop the stress of writing in English as a foreign language

Get started now – I will get back to you in 24 hours.

Even If Your Think “I’m Bad At Writing” You Can Write An Amazing Essay That Makes You Stand Out

What if you could access a proven formula for what to say and how to write it? What if you could just follow an easy, step-by-step process that would guarantee you stand out among all the competition?

After years of helping students write essays that win spots in the top universities, I created an easy process that can get you in too.

And my process is so effective, it works even if you don’t believe you’re a writer.

Our work helps you design, write, and finish your essay for:

Prep School


Graduate School

Common Application

Perfect For Applying To Programs Studying

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Law
  • Business (MBA)
  • Physical Therapy
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • And more…


My Students Discover That They Don’t Have To Be A Writer To Write A Good Essay

“Going in I thought I was gonna need to make myself sound scholarly in order for my essays to be good…Instead I found I just needed to sound like myself so my essays were genuine which is how really good essays are made.”

“I was just a student from a small city who honestly had no clue about writing rules or properly building a reputable essay. Not to mention, all my peers seemed so prepared. Learning about the art of writing an essay for an audience, instead of an assignment, allowed me the opportunity to try new things and create an attachment to my work.”

Go From Stressing About Your Essay To Knowing Your Essay Is Great

You’ll be so excited for an admissions person to read your essay because you’re confident that your essay:

  • Convinces them that you’ll be an amazing student and collaborative member of their school
  • Is clear and simple, including the most important things admissions people are looking for
  • Includes vivid storytelling, rather than just summarizing your CV or sharing anecdotes that don’t contain a deeper meaning
  • Is free of the common cliches that other students use — cliches that sink an essay from the start
  • Sets you apart from all of the other candidates that have similar test scores, grades, and other accomplishments

Without Coaching

  • You struggle to know what to write or how to write it
  • You don’t feel confident your essay is any good
  • You feel overwhelmed with the impossible writing process
  • You’ve been attempting to write it on your own without success

With Coaching

  • You have a proven formula on exactly what to write
  • You get professional editing
  • You feel confident that your essay is awesome
  • You are calm following an easy, step-by-step process
  • You say bye to writer’s block and finally get your essay done


Stop Struggling with Your Writing

“Instead of sitting in front of my computer and trying to force out an essay, I’ve been able to actually approach writing in a way that feels organic.”

“Writing essays used to be a daunting endeavor, but with the tools that we were given—and the way in which we were taught by example—it is no longer scary to stare at a blank page…I will take all of these tools with me when moving forward.”

“It’s interesting that during the writing process everything felt so difficult. It felt like my brain was just clogged up with ideas, and I couldn’t even discern what was meaningful and what was useless. But now rereading my writing, everything seems so clear. I can’t imagine struggling over it.”

Hi, I’m Daniel Menely


As a freshman at Vassar College in 1997, everyone seemed to know how to write an essay except for me…

I would sit down and think, “Wow, I have no clue how to write this.”

For every essay I wrote, I went to the writing center for help.

This old guy who basically lived in that center would mark the crap out of my papers with a pen – as we sat there in silence.

Back in my dorm I’d spend hours going over his feedback, rewriting, and trying to understand. I felt lost, overwhelmed, and like I could write this if I just knew how.

You might be feeling like you don’t know how to write an essay. It’s frustrating because you’ve never had to write like this before.

My younger self can relate to where you are. And although I can’t go back in time and help my younger self, I can help you like the thousands of students I’ve helped over the past two decades.

My mission is to help students like you write essays that get them into their dream prep, college, or graduate school.

And if you’re needing help with the Common Application, I can help with that too.

With my proven formula and easy step-by-step writing process, you can write a great essay.

Get the Admission Essay Writing Formula That Makes Writing Easy

Attention: This ISN’T Taught In Schools

Over many years of coaching admission essay writing, I’ve discovered that writing is just a series of simple steps. But unfortunately, admission essay writing is a unique type of essay writing that is not taught in schools.

So if you’ve been feeling frustrated and lost, you should know that even the best English classes fail to teach students the process of writing an admission essay.

It makes sense if you sit down and don’t know what to write.

Writing an admission essay is possible with the expertise of someone like me, who’s been coaching essays for 20 years, has specialized training from NYU, and a track record for getting students into their top choice school.


Get the Support You Need To Confidently Write Your Essay

“I am a lot more confident now with my skills going into an essay as I no longer have that anxiety of ‘what do I write about?’”

“I know so much now, not only about how to structure an effective essay, but also how to actually write one. I have more confidence in myself as a writer than I ever have before.”

“Daniel is very helpful and not only cares about the work, but about you as a student. With his help I became a very confident writer that got to focus on what interested me.”

Get started right now – I will get back to you in 24 hours.


How I Help Students Secure A Spot In Their Top Choice Universities

During one-on-one writing coaching sessions, you’ll be able to:

Follow My Proven Formula

Plug your content into the outline and ensure your essay includes what admissions people are looking for.

Get Professional Editing

Get editing during sessions. Includes help with the English language; English as a second language welcome.

Write An Essay You’re Confident About

Write a stand out essay, apply, and get accepted into your life-changing school.

Only Need The Editing? Essay Editing Available

Have you already written your essay and want to ensure it’s as polished as possible before you apply?

If English is not your first language or you are not feeling confident in the quality of your essay, editing is available.

Admission essay editing includes correcting language and grammar errors, deleting redundancies, and making editorial suggestions for better clarity and impact. Editing also may include notes on any missing pieces that your essay needs to stand out as a perfect-fit-for-their-school student.


Writing Coaching

Five sessions can take you from zero to finish.

  • $250 per 60-minute session
  • $1,150 for a five-session package (save $20 per session)

Essay Editing Only

  • $250 per 60 minutes of editing

Common Questions

Which admissions essays do you help write?
All of them including prep, college, and graduate school admission essay writing.

Do you help with writing the Common Application essay?
Yes. My writing coaching and editing services will support you through writing the Common App essay.

What if English is not my first language?
No problem. No matter what your level of English may be, I am here to coach you. Writing coaching includes the formula, the process, and my expert editing to ensure your essay is great and your English is error-free.

Can you help international students who are applying from abroad?
Yes. With offices based on both coasts of the USA, I support students applying from anywhere in the world.

What if I’m on a short deadline?
No problem. Happy to discuss how we can accommodate your tight deadline and get your essay written quickly.

Get Into Your Dream School With Expert Admission Essay Writing

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